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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You have a lot of new characters played by the likes of Jenna Elfman, Maggie Grace, Garret Dillahunt, and others. How do you integrate so many new characters while keeping the core ones that have already been there at the forefront and not moving off them too much?

GOLDBERG: Well, I think it’s something that Fear has done in the past. I’ve always experienced the show through the POV of the Clarks. To a large extent, that will continue this season. Just as in the past, they cross paths with Strand and Daniel Salazar, and many other people along the way, that’s sort of how it will play out this season, as well. Without giving away the specifics of how they interact, we will be experiencing these characters through the perspectives of the Clarks.

What can you say about the look and feel of this season? I remember being on set and talking to some of the other producers and they were pointing out a western vibe in terms of the way you were filming it.

GOLDBERG: What they said is right. We’re obviously in a new location and there will be a bit of a western feel to it. We’re taking an approach with the way we shoot the show that’s a little bit different than the past. It’s going to be a classical filmmaking approach.

CHAMBLISS: Hues of spaghetti westerns and John Ford westerns. It’s really about framing and characters moving within the frame and creating these images that can evoke some of the dramatics that we’re playing with in terms of isolation and these characters on a vast landscape, feeling very much alone. It’s been a really interesting challenge to set this visual look for the show, and [director/producer] Michael Satrazemis has been a huge asset to us in helping define the look of the show in this new location.

How does it work with Scott in terms of you all being the showrunners? You’re handling the day to day on this show, and his role is overseeing the franchise, so how does that work in terms of the dynamic with you three?

CHAMBLISS: We spent a good couple months when we first started having story meetings with him where we mapped out the character arcs and the journey for the season. Then, Ian and I took that and ran. With our fantastic staff, we broke the stories, and we’ll pitch stuff to Scott and he’ll add some great ideas and help us along.

We’re doing the day to day, and Scott helps out on the bigger picture stuff, but it’s been a really great collaborative experience. A great way to enter a new world with someone who is so well versed in it. It can be anything from getting advice to him on the creative side where he can say, “Oh, we tried something like that on The Walking Dead and here were the pitfalls we ran into.” But, then also getting his advice just on the practicalities of showrunning. It’s just such an intense job, and you have to wear so many different hats that, he’s a great resource that we can call and say, “Hey, how would handle this? How you put out this fire?” He’s really helped it to be a smooth transition for us as we stepped into that role.

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What was it like meeting with the original cast that’s been there — folks like Kim, Alycia, Frank, Colman — and explaining your vision for the show and where you wanted to take it?

GOLDBERG: They were great. As we said, we came in as big fans of the show and of these characters and of the actors and their performances. We came in and our approach was to come at it first from an emotional place, so it was talking through the emotional journeys that we wanted to take these characters on, honoring everything that’s come before, but taking them into territory that we haven’t seen explored on this show yet. They’ve all been really receptive and collaborative.

CHAMBLISS: We’ve seen cuts of the first four episodes, and we’ve got great performances from them. We feel like we couldn’t be luckier to have a cast who went along with us for the ride. Like Ian said, the one thing we told them the first time we sat down with them is that we were bringing new elements to the show, but at the end of the day, we want to honor everything that’s come before. That’s very much what we’ve been doing.

Okay, so what’s your final pitch to viewers for what the new Fear is going to be like in season 4?

CHAMBLISS: I think season 4 is going to be about taking these characters that people love and putting them into situations that really bring out some of these really emotional arcs between the characters, puts them in some larger-than-life situations. There’s a lot of fun in it. It’s very heartfelt and emotional, and at the end of the day, it’s really about seeing this family put together fighting to survive. Like I said before, it’s not just about them fighting to survive to live to the next day, it’s about them fighting to survive for something more, to build a life in this world that has been overrun by zombies.

GOLDBERG: Just to add to that, we see season 4 as a pivotal moment for the series. There will be new characters, new worlds, new adversaries, but we’re going to be taking the story and our characters and pushing it in entirely new directions and to new emotional places. We are really excited to share it with the fans, and we’re anxious to see how everyone reacts to it.

CHAMBLISS: There is a lot of really exciting stuff for the fans of the show who have been with the show for three years. Then, because we are bringing new characters who bring a new point of view to the show, it’s something that Walking Dead fans can come to or fans who are new to the universe can come to and will be able to jump in for the ride.

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