Derren Brown has one question to answer in the first trailer for The Push: “Can we be manipulated through social pressure to commit murder?”

In the first of three Netflix specials coming from Brown, the British psychological illusionist uses a web of 70 actors to execute a “meticulously planned and rehearsed scenario.” The goal is to see if they can get one man, Chris, who has no idea he’s being filmed, to push another person to his death.

The scenario begins with preparation for an auction where a millionaire seemingly has a heart attack, and Chris is left to frantically figure out what to do. “Chris is enmeshed in a web of lies — and that’s important,” Brown says in voiceover. “I need him to feel like there’s only one way out.”

Brown’s thesis? “When confronted with authority, our natural instinct is to unflinchingly obey without question to such an extent that even the most moral people can be made to commit the most horrendous acts, simply because they are told to do so.”

The Push will drop on Netflix this Feb. 27. Watch the trailer above.