The Dangerous Book for Boys

Bryan Cranston and Superbad director Greg Mottola took a British guidebook for kids and weaved together a familial story for a new Amazon Prime original series.

The streaming platform will play host to all six episodes of The Dangerous Book for Boys beginning March 30, and the new trailer gives subscribers a peak into this family-friendly tale about growing up through a child’s fantasy world.

Conn and‎ Hal Iggulden wrote the original The Dangerous Book for Boys as a handbook for kids that’s filled with advice about fishing, tree fort-building, histories of epic battles, and the like. In the series, the book of the same name serves a similar purpose.

Patrick McKenna (Chris Diamantopoulos) wrote The Dangerous Book for Boys for his three boys before his untimely death, which has left the family reeling. Beth (Erinn Hayes) gives the tome to her sons when she sees them consumed by electronics and social media. The passages then set the youngest McKenna, Wyatt (Gabriel Bateman), on adventures through his child-like fantasies that reunite him with his dead father.

Drew Logan Powell, Kyan Zielinski, Dashand Liam, and Swoosie Kurtz also star in the Amazon series.

Cranston co-created The Dangerous Book for Boys and co-wrote the first two episodes with Mottola, who’s also directing. Malcolm in the Middle‘s Michael Glouberman serves as showrunner.

Watch the trailer above.

The Dangerous Book for Boys
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