Jimmy Fallon performed his own Olympic-level feat for The Tonight Show this week. Preemption by NBC’s Winter Games coverage drastically shortened Fallon’s program, which left him with the first “Fallon Five,” a five-minute version of The Tonight Show.

No joke, the host rushed through all his beats in the short time frame, including opening monologue and a one-minute interview — complete with duet — with guest Paul Rudd.

“Please stop clapping, we only have five minutes,” Fallon joked as he hit the stage.

The host first lampooned Fergie’s rendition of the national anthem before Sunday’s NBC All-Star Game. “Today is day 11 of the Winter Olympics, but it is day 12 of Fergie’s national anthem,” he joked, before turning to a German ice skater’s Game of Thrones-inspired routine.

Introducing Rudd, Fallon then put a 60-second timer on the screen for his first one-minute interview. The pair sped through talk of the Olympics, the actor’s new film, and a duet on “Shout.”

“Let’s talk about your new movie, Mute. Can you tell us a little bit about it?” Fallon asked.

“It’s kind of a sci-fi noir,” Rudd responded before Fallon stopped him.

“That’s more than enough,” the host said.

The “Fallon Five” will return all this week. Watch the first one above (it won’t take much of your time).

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