Talk Show the Game Show

The roles are reversed and Billy Eichner is the one put on the spot in this exclusive clip from the next episode of truTV’s Talk Show the Game Show.

It might sound simple, but a quiz entitled “Meryl Streep Role or American Girl Doll?” actually turns out to be quite the challenge for Eichner when former Billy on the Street writer and host of Talk Show the Game Show Guy Branum brings the quick-fire questions to the comedian.

Branum explains that when he worked for Eichner’s show, he’d periodically pitch games that Eichner enjoyed but were simply too niche. On this show, however, there’s no such thing as too niche as Branum challenged Eichner to distinguish between descriptions of roles played by multiple Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep and American Girl Doll biographies. Eichner has 45 seconds to figure out if things like “a girl living on an American colonial farm” or a “Jewish aspiring actress from the lower east side” are plotlines or fictional backstories. See how Eichner fares in the clip above.

All new episodes of the mashup comedy series (based on Branum’s popular live comedy show) air Thursdays at 11 p.m. ET on truTV.

Talk Show the Game Show
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