'Last Week Tonight' returned for its fifth season on Sunday

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returned on Sunday night with its fifth season premiere, and the topic was a doozy: Trump vs. The World.

Oliver reflected on President Donald Trump’s alleged “s—hole countries” comment that caused controversy during the show’s hiatus in January. He showed clips of various reactions to the comment around the world, including one man who reflected, “He’s still going to the same hole, where the same worms will eat him too,” to which Oliver exclaimed, “I would actually like that crocheted on a pillow so I could wake up to it every morning!”

Oliver explained the concept of “soft power,” which “refers to the ability to get others to do what you want them to do without using carrots or sticks.” He argued that the nation’s soft power has broken down under President Trump, despite how “soft power is an act of salesmanship. It’s selling your brand. It’s the one thing that Trump is supposed to be good at, and he’s f—ing blowing it.”

The segment also featured clips of people parodying Trump around the world, including Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian prime minister, cracking jokes about winning “fake polls.” The Last Week Tonight staff even found a comedian poking fun at Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin at an event Putin attended in Russia.

Oliver closed out the segment with an impassioned plea to the rest of the world that Trump should not reflect all of the U.S. He pointed out great and not so great things about America, and brought out the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus to sing a special song: “That’s right, that’s ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth,” Oliver announced as they performed. “A terrible, stupid song being sung absolutely beautifully. This should be our new National Anthem.”

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