Clare-Hope Ashitey and Regina King star in the crime drama from 'The Killing' creator Veena Sud
Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix

Seven Seconds

With her latest crime drama, The Killing creator Veena Sud trades the rainy streets of Seattle for the slate-gray winter of New Jersey, and murders for a car accident that takes the life of a black teen.

After the white cop driver (Beau Knapp) calls his fellow Jersey City officers for help, he gets dragged into a cover-up that rapidly makes things worse.

Our heroes — a demoralized prosecutor (Clare-Hope Ashiety) and a fast-talking detective (Michael Mosley) — are no Holder and Linden, but their chemistry has a nice slow burn. And no one does heart-wrenching grief like Regina King, as the dead boy’s mother. Seconds may not be particularly original, but it’s a solid binge for a chilly night in. B-

Seven Seconds
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