Credit: ESPN

ESPN likes to broadcast walk-offs, but not this kind.

Jamie Foxx walked out of a live ESPN interview from the NBA’s All-Star weekend on Friday after SportsCenter host Michael Smith asked a light-hearted question about the actor’s relationship with Katie Holmes.

During the live interview prior to the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, the Oscar winner was asked a question that referenced his playing basketball with Holmes on Valentine’s Day. “And I know you’ve prepared because I saw pictures,” said Smith. “Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine’s Day? Like some real Love & Basketball?”

That question proved to be, well, an airball.

Foxx, who next stars in Robin Hood, took off his headphones with a frozen smile as someone removed his microphone clip. “Uh oh, did we lose him?” Smith said, a bit bewildered, as Foxx walked away and hit the court for some warm-up drills.

The evening ended well for Foxx, whose Team Clippers defeated Justin Bieber’s Team Lakers by a score of 75-66.