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February 16, 2018 at 10:11 AM EST

For three seasons, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fans have watched Rebecca lie to just about everyone she knows and loves for one reason or another. And now, it’s time for her past to catch up with her. “The theme of the finale is Rebecca realizing that she needs and wants to let people know all the things that she hasn’t told them,” showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna tells EW. “She tries to find a way to tell everyone what she’s done. It’s literally her chickens coming home to roost.”

It’s easy to overlook, but if you really take into account all of the things Rebecca has done — stalking Josh, ordering a hit on Nathaniel’s girlfriend, sleeping with Greg’s dad — a lot of the trouble in West Covina has been a result of her decision to move there. Whether everyone else realizes it, Rebecca’s had a huge (and not always good) impact on their lives. “One of the things that the show explores either directly or indirectly is the fact that she’s so charming and she’s the protagonist, so there’s a tendency to forgive her for things,” McKenna says. “She’s done a lot of shitty things that she has not been called to account for. This is the episode where she’s called to account for them.”

Musically speaking, that inner debate will lead to a Rebecca-Nathaniel love duet that McKenna says is “one of my favorite songs of the whole year,” adding, “It’s about the extent of her responsibility, and as someone who has issues that she’s trying to deal with, what is the line between being compassionate for herself versus taking responsibility for the things that she has done? The duet has to do with that. The two of them are so amazing; they have so much chemistry. It’s my favorite kiss we’ve ever done on the show. It’s a spectacular kiss — it’s very romantic and very f—ed up. Just profoundly f—ed up.”

Another musical number worth noting is all about childbirth. Yep, it’s finally time for Heather to deliver Darryl’s baby. And thankfully, Paula is around to offer Heather a bit of advice. “In the finale, Heather’s a bit worried about giving birth and that leads Paula to sing her what she thinks is a very encouraging song about birth and how wonderful it is, but in describing birth, it sounds really scary and disgusting,” McKenna says. “It talks about the bloody show and that kind of stuff.”

The finale will also feature the return of Trent, who’s back with what McKenna calls a “diabolical” plan. Add it all together and McKenna says fans can expect an hour that includes a bit more “psychological suspense” than previous finales as Rebecca wrestles with some life-changing decisions.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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