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Apparently Lizzie and Josie, the twins of Caroline and Alaric, will be present in an episode of The Originals. How will they be involved in the episode in question? — Ines
Here’s what I know: They will appear in the penultimate hour, and we’ll see them while Caroline is giving prospective students a tour of the school. But further details are being kept under wraps, so you’ll just have to watch and see!

Do you have anything on season 2 of Imposters? — Marcus
After the events of that nail-biter of a wedding, the trio and Maddie have temporarily parted ways, but it won’t be long before this band of con artists scam together again. “They’re in trouble,” says executive producer Paul Adelstein. “The Bumblers have embraced this life of crime and they now have The Doctor, and maybe the FBI, and Lenny Cohen after them. Maddie has maybe finally found some of the freedom that she’s wanted. Just as it was in the first season, with people trying to reinvent themselves, now it’s people that have to reinvent themselves, and they’re scattered to the wind, so there’s going to be a lot of fun stuff in store.”

Any chance of romance for Olivia when SVU returns? — Daryl
Well, her ex Brian Cassidy (Dean Winters) is returning! But he’s actually going to be the prime suspect in a murder case, so that might complicate things. Here’s what happens: Brian loses his temper on the stand, causing a mistrial, meaning the doctor who was arrested for sexually abusing his patients is set free. Said doctor is found murdered later that night and Homicide Detective Holiday (Kylie Bunbury) suspects Cassidy is the culprit, but no one can find him. But I can! Well, I can find him in these exclusive photos from SVU‘s Feb. 28 return:

Credit: Michael Parmelee/NBC
Credit: Michael Parmelee/NBC
Credit: Michael Parmelee/NBC
Credit: Michael Parmelee/NBC

Anything you can tease about Liz’s eventual showdown with Ian Garvey on The Blacklist? — Carl
When it happens, it’s going to be juicy, namely because the hunt for Garvey puts Red and Liz on a collision course. “We now know that Ian Garvey is a U.S. Marshal, so he has resources and he’s well protected,” executive producer Jon Bokenkamp says. “But what to do with Garvey is the real problem. Red wants Garvey to be buried along with his secret. Liz wants Garvey alive so she can get to the truth behind why Tom died. At some point, those two differing agendas are going to collide.”

I know they’re on different networks, but is there any chance of a Blindspot and Deception crossover? — Mariel
Just because NBC’s Blindspot and ABC’s upcoming drama Deception — which I like to call Magic Castle — both hail from executive producer Martin Gero, and they both depict FBI teams based in New York, that doesn’t mean they exist in the same universe. However, Gero totally wants them to. “In my dream, we will do some sort of inter-network crossover,” Gero tells me. “I don’t know that anyone is that interested in it. In my mind, Blindspot‘s offices are in the basement, and the Deception team works upstairs at the top of the building.”

If Supergirl can sway Julia out of Purity, can she do the same with Sam and Reign on Supergirl? — Patrick
If Kara can — she probably can — it’s not something Reign fears. “I don’t think Reign is worried about her power in any way,” Odette Annable says. “That’s one of the reasons I love playing this character — because there’s no gray area for her. It’s very black or white. She sees something and she’s going to get it. She has orders and she’s going to get it. There isn’t any swaying her. She’s very decided, she knows what she needs, and that’s what she goes for.”

What can we expect from the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend finale? — Mary
A birth, that’s what! Yep, it’s finally time for Heather to deliver Darryl’s baby, and let’s just say she’s not exactly excited about it. “One of the reasons we gave Heather a pregnancy was to give her something that she couldn’t quit,” showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna says. “She’s made some commitments to a new job and a new boyfriend, but an advanced pregnancy is the ultimate example of something where she has to follow through. It’s a wonderful episode for her character to see how that all wraps up for her and how it wraps up for Darryl and White Josh.”

Since Once Upon a Time is now going to end, do you know if the Coven of Eight will tie into the show’s original mythology? — Bryan
Alas, this new group of villains is very specific to this season, but their purpose serves the spirit of OUAT. “The Coven of Eight in very particular to Mother Gothel, but the idea of good versus evil and holding onto hope is the theme that was created in the pilot, and it will be the theme that gets us through the finale,” EP Edward Kitsis tells me.

What do you have on Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s finale? — Joe
Well, we’re a long way from the finale, but I will say that while there’s the immediate threat of Seamus Murphy upon the show’s return, you shouldn’t expect any other outside forces to shake up the team by season’s end. “The current arcs that we’re talking about for the end of the season are the wedding arc and Holt’s commissioner arc,” EP Dan Goor tells me. “We have not fully figured out the last four or five episodes yet, but after the last three seasons of having high stakes arcs, I think there’s a chance we will not do that this year, but we’ll still have a very satisfying end run leading toward the wedding.”

Is anyone going to replace Hirst on Blindspot? — Tessa
Surprisingly, no. “To be honest, it doesn’t play a large role in the rest of the season,” executive producer Martin Gero tells me. So there you have it.

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