SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

Survivor. It is a game of secrets. Except, of course, when the players blab to everyone about all the idols and advantages they have, in which case it is not about secrets in the least, but just go with us on this one. Secrets! They’re important!

That’s because information is power in a game built on manipulation — which is why there is some information that should never be shared. With that in mind, we asked the contestants of Survivor: Ghost Island (premiering Feb. 28 on CBS) for a secret about themselves that they will not be telling the other contestants. But they will tell you! So what are the things the new cast members don’t want their fellow contestants to know? To find out, all you have to do is watch the video above. AND THEN YOU WILL KNOW EVERYTHING!

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SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

Strangers starve themselves on an island for our amusement in the hopes of winning a million dollars, as host Jeff Probst implores them to "DIG DEEP!"

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