Brianna Decker
Credit: Ron Jenkins/Getty Images; Sia/Vevo

U.S. women’s hockey team member Brianna Decker has already medaled in six world championships and one Winter Olympics (in Sochi, where Team USA won silver). Heading into the Pyeongchang Games, her focus on hockey can’t be denied; when she’s not playing, though, she dabbles in a little bit of everything.

Before leading her team out onto the ice in South Korea, Decker sat down with EW to discuss her pop culture favorites, from Sia and Chris Stapleton to Scandal and King of Queens.

1. “The Greatest,” by Sia
“A song I definitely have to listen to before games is “The Greatest,” by Sia. I love that song, kind of on my go-to playlist. Sometimes I get into some hard rock too, but definitely the latest pop hits [for training].”

2. Current TV
“Right now I’m into This is Us, and also Scandal. Scandal’s on its final season, so I’m actually pretty upset about that.”

3. Past TV
“I’m always down for Friends, I always throw Friends on. My roommate and I watched Friends, the entire 10 seasons or whatever, this year, so it was kinda fun to rewatch all those. … My favorite sitcom is King of Queens, just a lighthearted TV show I like to watch once in a while.”

4. Chris Stapleton
“One of my favorite country artists is Chris Stapleton. Just very chill, relaxing music. I like to listen to that when I read or write on my off days.”

5. Hockey and football
“I also enjoy watching NHL Network and NFL football — I love football season, it’s fun to follow your favorite sports team.”

6. Remember the Titans
“It’s one of my favorites. I feel like when I first watched it, you kind of miss the meaning behind it all, but I’ve seen it probably over a hundred times. I love it.”

7. The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon
“It’s a great book. It talks about positive energy and how much a positive outlook can help you in your career.”