Credit: WLS/ABC7

A Chicago TV station confused South Korea’s Winter Olympics host county of PyeongChang with a popular restaurant offering quasi-upscale Orange Peel Shrimp and Hand-Folded Crab Wontons last weekend.

WLS-Ch.7 had an on-air blunder that resulted in the logo “P.F. Chang 2018” during its local Olympics coverage.

P.F. Chang’s is, of course, an Asian-inspired restaurant chain where you occasionally surrender to dining at. PyeongChang is a county in the province of Gangwon-do, located in the Taebaek Mountains region of South Korea.

A spokesperson explained to the Chicago Tribune that the graphic was created for a “satirical piece” in which “viewers were encouraged to invent their own Olympic sports.” But it was mistakenly used during serious news coverage. The station apologized for the error. But if anybody wants to build a giant luge that delivers Crispy Honey Chicken we’re all for it.

Note that the number of Olympic rings in the graphic is also wrong — four instead of six — which presumably was also part of the parody segment.