U.S. figure skater Mirai Nagasu made her country proud when she completed a historic triple axel on Monday during the team event at the Winter Games in Pyeongchang. Nagasu became the first American woman to complete the move in the Olympics, and only the third woman overall to do so.

After missing out on the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014, she decided to add the difficult jump to her routine, telling NBC, “I don’t think I would’ve worked as hard on the triple axel if I hadn’t had that time [after Sochi] to concentrate and decide to. …It was a conscious decision to make a comeback – even though I hadn’t taken a break.”

Of course, she performed the jump brilliantly, and she had plenty of people celebrating with her, including the celeb she “wished” was her mom:

Other celebs and figure skating legends also tweeted their excitement and support after Nagasu’s skate.

And of course, SNL star and Olympic commentator Leslie Jones weighed in as well, with her trademark joy: