For many, Solo: A Star Wars Story will serve as an introduction to Alden Ehrenreich, the actor chosen to portray young Han in the upcoming film. But he might look familiar to Supernatural fans.

Ehrenreich’s first acting credit is for his work on season 1, episode 2 of Supernatural, titled “Wendigo.” In the episode, Ehrenreich played Ben Collins, perhaps better remembered as “the brother of the guy who went missing.” It was Ben and his sister that went into the woods with Sam and Dean — and that other “expert guide” who didn’t last long — and discovered that their brother had been attacked by something much scarier than a bear.

Ehrenreich’s time on the show was short-lived — he only appeared in what many consider to be one of the series’ worst episodes (though creator Eric Kripke recently took it off his “s–t list”) — but, unlike many, Ehrenreich’s character walked away from meeting Sam and Dean with his heart still beating, which is no small feat.

Watch a clip from Ehrenreich’s time on Supernatural above.

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