Stephen Colbert asked John Oliver some personal questions while invading his personal space. “This is an interesting interpretation of the phrase ‘personal space,'” Oliver said as he physically inserted his head into a cramped cardboard box with The Late Show host.

“What we say in the box stays in the box,” Colbert promised. Though, he added that was more of “a TV promise.”

The questions ranged from “have you ever done a deep dive on your show and at the end, you don’t know what the f—k you talked about?” to “what’s your favorite curse word you get to say on HBO?” to “do you moisturize?”

“Do you want a mint or anything like that,” Colbert asked after a few minutes in the “Personal Space” box, leading to the awkward situation of getting the mint in Oliver’s mouth.

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, the Late Show host asked about Oliver’s first kiss. “I can’t remember her name,” Oliver admitted. He explained, “The story is I was a child and… she was 44. She was my teacher. Is this neither the time nor the place for a confession like that?”

“Who’s your next kiss?” Colbert countered before spraying a bit of Binaca breath freshener in Oliver’s mouth.

Watch the intimate interview in the video above.

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