The kings of wishful thinking

Jimmy Fallon and Mute star Paul Rudd threw The Tonight Show back to 1990, the year of Pretty Woman and the film soundtrack’s “King of Wishful Thinking.” The duo became the kings of wishful thinking when they performed a shot-for-shot remake of Go West’s music video — hockey players, ballet dancers, and all.

These guys have a long history of oddities. They previously remade Styx’s 1981 jam “Too Much Time On My Hands” and threw down in an epic lip sync battle. This, however, is “one of the best, oddest videos I think we ever made,” Fallon remarked.

“Do you think there were storyboards to that video?” Rudd replied. “They really went into a white empty space and said, ‘We have hockey players. We got ballet dancers. We have a guy that kinda looks like Roy Orbison on a catamaran.'”

As an added bonus, Fallon, who channeled Richard Drummie, shared behind-the-scenes footage of Rudd’s “commitment” to the role of Peter Cox.

“Woke up to this!” the real Drummie tweeted Saturday morning. “Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd recreating the King Of Wishful Thinking video on the Tonight show in America. Phone’s been ringing off the hook. Hilarious! Thanks for thinking of us guys.”

“Wow. SOMEone’s feeling the love,” Cox added.

Watch their efforts above.

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