Seth Meyers found the formula to make a prestige journalism drama: take "a brave team of journalists risking it all to break the biggest news story in history" and add bad ties, short-sleeved collared shirts, gross styrofoam coffee cups, a tense park bench scene, and lots and lots of smoking.

Newspaper Movie, a new sketch from Meyers on Late Night, spoofs Steven Spielberg's The Post, Tom McCarthy's Spotlight, Alan J. Pakula's All the President's Men, and all those other films about journalism that tend to get Oscars attention. This year, for instance, The Post has two nominations for Best Picture and Best Actress (Meryl Streep).

"The Los Angeles Times says, 'Newspaper Movie is a non-stop thrill ride, if your idea of a thrill ride is seeing middle-aged white people typing for two hours,'" the narrator says.

Late Night writer Amber Ruffin also pops in to shout at Meyers during that tense scene on a bench as he tries to secretly secure a manila folder. "Hey! What the hell are you two cooking up? Is it in the folder?" she asks. "What's in that folder?"

Watch the sketch above.

All the President's Men
  • Movie
  • 138 minutes

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