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Warning! This post contains major spoilers from Thursday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3. Read at your own risk!

She reached the end of her shelf life. Her talents soured. Everything was ok butter final runway outfit. Though we try, all the sassy dairy puns in the world can’t wash away the bitter taste of Milk’s elimination on Thursday night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3. Her comically abrasive attitude and commitment to outside-the-box fashions made the season 6 alum one of the most controversial contestants among the spin-off series’ cast, but as entertaining as her antics were for viewers, they didn’t jive with her Drag Race sisters–especially Kennedy Davenport, who ended an emotional vendetta against Milk by eliminating her from the competition.

So, how does Milk feel about her premature exit? Read on for EW’s full interview with the ousted queen, who reveals the character she would have played for next week’s Snatch Game challenge before teasing a “divas”-heavy twist coming down the pipeline.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Obviously you don’t agree with Kennedy’s decision. But, do you find it especially odd that she said she’d consider the whole picture when deciding who to send home, but then kept a weak performer like Chi Chi in the game?
In the moment I was definitely confused because I’d seen Chi Chi in the bottom the previous week. When my name was called, I was taken aback because I thought it would be Chi Chi who was going to go. I know that everything is on high on Drag Race. Emotions are being played with. People are going to make decisions—either rash or well thought out—and we’re all capable of doing that. It was a little bit odd, but that’s okay. I understand where Kennedy was coming from.

But you would have sent Chi Chi home?
If I’d been given the power, I would have looked at [the queens’] track record. Based on that, I would’ve eliminated Chi Chi.

Kennedy’s decision seemed personal, given what she said about having a falling out with you after touring together in the past, and it appears that all the eliminations so far have been personal and not based on actual performance during the challenges. Does that dynamic ruin relationships?
We all accept that it’s a game on television. In the moment, hearing Kennedy say that [about our working relationship] was baffling to me, since we’ve worked together in the real world. I assumed she’d know that the person outside the confines of the show—without a camera in his face and under the pressure [of the competition]—is the true Milk, the friend that she knew, and not the one who’s highly emotional on television. My God, I was so emotional, baby!

You were, and it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Did you anticipate that?
Not really. But, like I said, we know what we’re getting into on the show. When I hear the other queens saying [negative] things about me on TV, I don’t take it to heart. We’re all playing the game of reality TV, having fun with it, and making entertainment. Even though I was emotional and I played this whackadoo character, it was still entertaining. It kept people talking.

Still, some of the things you said were hurtful to the others. Do you stand by your suggestion that you’re not on the same level as Aja and Chi Chi?
In that moment, with my emotions, I thought I had done a better job on the challenge. That phrase was pertaining to the challenge at hand, not who we are as people. Both of those queens are absolutely iconic.

Have you been on Twitter today, though? Aja responded to your comments at a viewing party. She said you came into All Stars as a ninth-place finisher, and all of your post-Drag Race accomplishments have been outside of drag, so in a smartass way, she said you’re actually not on the same level as her and Chi Chi.
I did see it, and it made me giggle! It’s the heat of the moment. She was at a viewing party and was bantering on a mic. All the achievements that I’ve had since Drag Race have been because of Drag Race. Yes, I haven’t always been in drag, but I wouldn’t have had those opportunities if it weren’t for RuPaul’s Drag Race and World of Wonder, so I’m grateful for the career they’ve given me.

So you don’t hold that against Aja?
Oh, no. We’re entertainers, and it’s all entertainment!

There was, though, a disconnect between how others perceived your work and how you saw it. Do you see your creations—especially that much-maligned Celine Dion look—the same way you did while filming All Stars, or has watching the episodes back changed your opinion?
I still respect the decisions that I made. During that VH1 Divas challenge, I was so excited to get Celine because I’m a huge fan. But, you’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t. If I’d shown up in that backwards suit that she’s worn before and her traditional hair, people would be like, “Wow, Milk doesn’t think outside the box anymore, this is so boring.” But the second you choose something outside the box, it’s like, “Oh my God, what a terrible decision.” So, it’s definitely hard to win over the drag fan base. I’m pleased, still, with what I did during that challenge.

They are tough, but one thing they consistently enjoy is Snatch Game. Who would you have impersonated if you’d remained in the competition for another week?
They require the character we play to be a real person, it can’t be fictional, and I was going to do Mary, Mother of God. The Virgin Mary! To billions of people throughout the world, she was a real person. She wasn’t fictional. And I wanted to really f— up people’s religious minds, you know?

Maybe we’ll get to see it someday somewhere else?
Yes, someday!

I was talking to Thorgy last week about this potential twist that’s coming up, and she said it’s either going to be hated or beloved by the fans. What was your reaction when you first found out what it was going to be?
I’d just been eliminated, so to hear that there was going to be this twist, I was like, “Why? You’re going to do something to us again?” It was very overwhelming. Once the twist occurred, I was super-duper into it. It’s going to be so grand, so wonderful, and such an amazing TV moment.

I think Ru seemed to imply the plot of Burlesque—especially where Christina Aguilera’s character lip-syncs to take the spot of another girl at that club run by Cher’s character—plays a role here. Are we thinking along the right lines?
It may involve some musical-ness and some more divas. Yes, continue thinking that. That’s a fun thing to think!

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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