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After an extended hiatus, Legends of Tomorrow returns with a new addition on the Waverider.

No, we’re not talking about speedster Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale), who joins the team full-time in the Feb. 19 hour, but John Constantine (Matt Ryan), who may hold a clue as to big bad Mallus’ (John Noble) intentions. With the Waverider near capacity, though, viewers soon will be saying farewell to someone on the team. EW turned to executive producer Marc Guggenheim to get the scoop:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Constantine is temporarily joining the show. What can you tease of how he’ll help the Legends when the show returns?
MARC GUGGENHEIM: Basically, Constantine is on his own mission, and he comes across this girl who has been possessed by a demon, and the demon knows Sara Lance’s name. So he comes to the Legends to basically talk to Sara and to find out what is Sara’s connection to this girl, and you’ll have to watch the episode to find out what the connection is.

What kind of dynamic does he now have with Sara?
Oh, it’s really good. I mean, bear in mind they kind of know each other, I mean they had the small little interaction of, you know, Constantine bringing Sara back to life. So they have a connection. I will say that we’ve got a very randy, bisexual Constantine, and we have a very randy, bisexual Sara, and who knows what could happen if we get the two of them in teams together?

Can you tease a little about how Mallus’ plans are going to be ramping up and whether we’re going to actually see him in the flesh soon?
You won’t see him in the flesh immediately. We’re saving it toward the end of the year. He will be a fully CG character. The design of him is really cool. We’re really pushing the envelope in terms of what we can do with the visual effects on the show.

What’s next in regards to Kuasa and how Amaya is handling their connection and eventual destiny?
Yeah, the thing that Amaya is really struggling with is she’s basically learned what her destiny is, and therefore what the destiny of her two granddaughters are, barring Kuasa. One of those destinies is really positive and heroic, and the other destiny is kind of lousy. Kuasa’s definitely fallen in with the wrong crowd, as it were. So Amaya is struggling with that classic time-travel dilemma, which is, “I have two things that put a lot of weight on me — I have knowledge of the future, and I have the ability, through time travel, to change it. What am I going to do?” And that’s something that is a struggle that she is going to really be risking all throughout the year.

We know Wally West is going to be coming in the second episode back. Can you tease a little bit about what brings him on to the team?
We’re basically following his trajectory from The Flash. He’s gone on a walkabout, and he kind of feels like he doesn’t fit in anywhere, which makes him perfect for Legends because Legends is a whole team full of people who don’t fit in anywhere. So, Wally is basically brought to the team by Rip Hunter, of all people — so you will definitely see him back — and once he meets them, he decides this is a really good group to stay with.

Wally West has been, at least on The Flash, a bit cocky with his powers. How will the team take to him?
I think Amaya probably struggles the most with it at first because it’s incredibly annoying to have someone on the team who can just fix every problem in the blink of an eye.

In the first half of the season, the show really leaned into horror elements. Will you continue that into the back half?
Yeah, I mean, we’re dealing with a time demon, so there are a fair amount of horror elements. I don’t like using the word “horror,” because, to me, “horror” implies, like, fears and frights and things that, quite frankly, we’re just not doing. I would definitely say we dabble in the supernatural. Not in every episode by any means, but we’ve got a few episodes where there’s supernatural goings-on.

We know Leo Snart is not a permanent fixture on the team since Wentworth Miller has said that he’s leaving, so is there anything you can tease about what’s next with this character and how he’ll be sent off?
Leo never says “I’m staying with the team permanently.” He has said, “I’m gonna stay until they get over their death, until they mourn the death of Stein.” And you see that happen and Leo leaves with— he has a really good reason to leave. And he’s leaving for a very, I think, positive reason. And he leaves with, I’d say, a really good piece of advice for Sara.

So he’s not dying then?
He is not dying.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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