Devil's Bargain

SPOILER ALERT: For all Supernatural fans, please do not read this post if you don’t want to have a major mystery ruined for you. This is your only warning.

We first met him in season 2. We learned a whole lot more about him when his true identity was revealed in season 5. Then, he was killed. It would be four years before we’d see him again, and even then, it was the work of Metatron. (Translation: It wasn’t real.) But now, eight seasons after he was killed, one of your favorite archangels is back…

We’re talking about Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.)!! In the final moments of this week’s Supernatural, Asmodeus revealed his plan to kill Lucifer: He’s come into possession of the archangel blade but, considering that he’ll need an archangel to wield it, there’s a part two to his plan. As he led Ketch to one of Hell’s many jail cells, he pulled back the window on the cell door to reveal none other than Gabriel sitting inside. His lips were sewn shut. He looked terrible. BUT HE’S ALIVE.

As a reminder, Gabriel was killed by Lucifer in season 5, and as recently as season 11, God admitted that it would take a lot of time to “resurrect” Gabriel, which begs the question: Has he been in Hell this whole time? And how was even God fooled into believing that he was dead? Here’s to hoping we’ll get those answers soon.

Hammer of the Gods
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Devil's Bargain

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