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Tonya Harding — the “unapologetic” former figure skater, as she’s known — was just as “unapologetic” at the Golden Globes. Oscar nominee Margot Robbie, who plays the controversial athlete in I, Tonya, dished to James Corden on The Late Late Show about how her awards show date wasn’t afraid to walk up to Meryl Streep.

“Tonya anyway is very unapologetic about who she is and that’s kind of liberating sometimes, especially if you are at a fancy event because she just was not afraid to go up to anyone and say hi and get a picture,” Robbie said. “She was like, ‘Oh, there’s Meryl. I’m gonna go say hi.'”

Streep should take it as a compliment that Harding knew who she was because, according to Robbie, “she didn’t know who people were at all.”

“That was even more hilarious,” the actress said. “At one point she was like, ‘That is the lovely lady who helped me in the photo line at the beginning.’ She’s like, ‘Hi! Hi!’ waving, and I was like, ‘That’s Sharon Stone. Sharon Stone’s the lovely lady?'”

Directed by Craig Gillespie, I, Tonya is the dramatization of Harding’s rise through the ranks of professional ice skating, her headline-making beef with Nancy Kerrigan, and how her ex-husband intervened. Robbie recalled celebrating with her friends and family after the film’s Australian premiere when she heard of her Oscar nomination.

“We were already out celebrating anyway with all my loved ones, having a helluva time, and then the nominations came through and everyone just lost their minds,” Robbie said. “It was great.”

Watch her talk Harding, the Oscars, and the Globes in the clip above.

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