By Stephanie Petit
February 06, 2018 at 06:25 PM EST
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Casey Novak is running for office.

Diane Neal, who has starred on Law & Order: SVU and NCIS, has launched an independent bid for New York’s 19th Congressional District seat.

The 42-year-old actress will need 3,500 signatures on petitions to secure a spot on the November ballot, according to The Daily Freeman

“MORNING! Ok, so it’s ON!!! But I’m doing with nearly no staff, no donations (yet), with no party,” she tweeted on Tuesday. “Website will be up later today (fingers crossed) and all ready to go. But goal is bigger than parties. Goal is no negativity. Goal is HIGH ROAD all the way.”

Neal, a registered Democrat who resides upstate in Hurley, later added, “It going to be a wild ride. I’ll be beholden to no one but US and to integrity & to the best version envisioned by imperfect, but wise, men centuries ago. Let the Grand Experiment live on!!!”

She even made plans to talk policy at a local Starbucks on Tuesday evening, with whomever is interested.

Neal described her politics as “a lot of everything” in an interview with The Daily Freeman.

“I’m a little Libertarian, I’m a lot liberal, mostly progressive, but I have this amazing ability to be able to take really complicated policy and break it down into edible sound bites, which is something most progressive liberals cannot do,” she said.

Neal also talked about her relationship with President Donald Trump, whom she met while acting as a judge on The Apprentice. And she’s even done her own investigation into his hair.

She said, “After talking with him for a while, he stood in front of me [with his back turned], and I slipped a chopstick right in that thing because I wanted to see what it was made out of, how it was attached.”

“I started getting a nice amount of loft,” she continued. “I’m sure that someone has a tape of this somewhere … and I swear to God it was like I was about to see the singularity. It was like all time and space was ending. Then he walked away and he took the chopstick with him, and for the last 15 years, I’ve wondered, where did it fall out?”