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4. Season 5 (Jesse Palmer)

Every week, Bachelor host and executive producer Chris Harrison is giving EW his behind-the-scenes take on the latest episode.

Welcome back, Bachelor Nation! Well, the moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Yes, the day of reckoning for Krystal is something everyone has been ready to see. Would she continue to charm Arie while confounding the women, or would Kendall be able to come from behind and restore order to the house? It was a long and strenuous day for Arie, but he made a tough decision, and while it may seem like an end of an era, it is only the first in a series of increasingly difficult choices as he moves forward toward hometown dates.

But before we project forward too much, let’s talk about Paris. It’s been a long time since we have been able to make our way to Paris and I don’t think we’ve ever had more fascinating living quarters than the U by Uniworld ship that was floating on the Seine (not to be confused with Seinne, who was also on the ship). I stayed at the fantastic Hotel de Crillon, and Arie was at the Molitor MGallery. Between the three places to stay, we had a pretty great sense of the city and all got a taste of what it had to offer.

Lauren B., the last remaining Lauren, finally got her one-on-one date after weeks of waiting. At this point, time is of the essence and that is, of course, why Arie needed an extra one-on-one this week. Unfortunately, no matter how much time you get, you can always use more. I think that was pretty clear this week, as while Arie’s sightseeing date with Lauren — which took them down the Seine and all the way to Notre Dame — was pretty epic, it served as only the beginning for the two of them. I was really appreciative of the way Arie opened up about some of the harder things he has been through in his life. It’s easy to ask other people to open up and to judge them if they don’t, but it’s always difficult to lead by example. Arie really made himself vulnerable, and I think that helped Lauren finally start to bring her walls down. At the moment though, you can tell she is still a bit behind some of the other women, and with hometowns right around the corner, next week is going to be really crucial for her.

The group date this week was one for the record books. No, literally, put it in the record books, because it was the first time in history that non-Moulin Rouge performers took part in the actual show at Moulin Rouge. The women on the date figured they were going to get to watch the show, but they didn’t think there was a snowball’s chance in hell that they were going to actually get to perform in it. Well, at least one of them was going to. This was one of those dates we get really excited about. It was a bucket list item for everyone involved, and for Bekah, who got the rose, it was one of the most surreal and exciting moments of her life. The other women sadly had to watch from the stands, but even for them, and for Arie, it was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Speaking of once-in-a-lifetime events, the two-on-one date was also one for the Bachelor history books. Kendall wasn’t exactly sure why she was on the two-on-one date, but Krystal was confident she would be on it, and doubly confident that she would be coming home with the rose. The day started off well for her, which is actually very similar to how this whole experience started with her. I think in some ways this may be emblematic of Krystal, where the first impressions are really great, but somewhere along the line there ends up being a disconnect of some kind. Even the conversations between Krystal and Kendall showed that there is a pretty strong disconnect between how Krystal and other people view the world around them. I’m not sure there’s necessarily a “correct” way of looking at things, but at least on this two-on-one date, the people who seemed to see the world the same way were Kendall and Arie. As a result, they left together and made their way over to the Eiffel Tower for a magical moment unlike any we’ve ever seen. But Krystal showed a softer side toward the end of the night, and I look forward to talking with her at the Women Tell All and really getting to hear her side of the story.

The final date of the week with Jacqueline, a woman who has really flown under the radar so far. I think more than any other one-on-one date this season, this one really felt like it was do-or-die. While admitting that they have very different backgrounds and are coming from different worlds, these two have a kind of strange magnetic chemistry that was really exciting to see finally come to life. With that said, though, these kind of late-stage connections can only serve to make things harder as we head into next week and Arie has to say goodbye to three more women before he makes his way back to the states two weeks from now.

This week, we said goodbye to Chelsea, who went from polarizing force to fan favorite, and to Jenna, a woman we all really loved and wished you got more of a chance to get to know. But who knows where the future might take us with those two! Next week we are heading to Tuscany and an exciting three-on-one date that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in Bachelor history! Don’t miss it!

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