Natalie Portman offered up a spot-on impression of Millie Bobby Brown on SNL, playing Eleven in a Stranger Things sketch.

The sketch comes after fans pointed out uncanny similarities between Portman and 13-year-old Brown, posting side-by-side pictures of the actresses.

In the sketch, Portman’s Eleven discovers there are “others here like me,” though her newfound friends’ abilities leave much to be desired.

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“I can move objects with my mind, but every time I do, I get tiny nosebleed,” she explains to someone named Fourteen, who tells her, “I can start fires with my mind, but every time I do, I throw up in my mouth a little.”

Enter Nine: “I can read people’s minds, but every time I do, I fart a little.”

Portman’s Eleven goes on to meet several more numbered friends, each with an ability slightly less impressive than the last.

“Alone, you’re freaks, but together we’re a family,” she tells them.

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