Saturday Night Live - Season 42

Queen Amidala’s regal robe wasn’t the only old costume Natalie Portman donned once again on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live; she also stepped back into Jackie Kennedy’s impeccable pink wool boucle suit one more time to show a fellow fake first lady some support.

Cecily Strong’s Melania Trump — an impression perhaps beloved by the real Melania Trump — got some advice from a time-traveling support group of past FLOTUSes in one of the last sketches of the night. Trying to pump herself up for the State of the Union (“come on, Melania, practice your happy face,” she tells herself before pouting into the mirror), she wishes she could “talk to someone who’s been through this whole mess before!”

And just like that, she’s joined by Portman’s Jackie. “I know how very trying being a first lady can be,” Portman reassures her before explaining, “All first ladies have a platform. Yours is bullying. Mine was little hats.”

Just as Strong’s Melania laments, “No first lady has ever been more humiliated than me,” Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton enters to advise her that the best way to cope is to “tell yourself it’ll all be worth it when you’re president.”

After Clinton compares choosing to marry Trump to choosing to eat 7-11 sushi, who should show up but Aidy Bryant as Martha Washington! She arrives just in time to rattle off a list of the first lady’s duties, all of which Strong-as-Melania points out are covered by Ivanka, bringing Martha to the conclusion that “maybe being first lady just means being with someone you don’t really like who doesn’t treat you very well.”

But FLOTUS 44 isn’t having that. “Speak for yourself, Martha!” Leslie Jones-as-Michelle Obama cries as she enters the room. “Barack and I have a perfect relationship. It’s like The Notebook, but black and rich.”

“Now get out there and do what first ladies have always done: Stand there and clap,” Portman’s Jackie urges her. “Okay. But sometimes I’m going to sit down and not clap,” fake Melania replies defiantly, garnering cheers from her fellow FLOTUSes. Despite the centuries and politics that separate them, at least there’s something they can all agree on.

Check out the full video above.

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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