You're bringing sexy WHAT?

Hey Justin, it’s hard to dance-dance-dance when we can’t hear-hear-hear what you’re saying!

Justin Timberlake was so busy bringing sexy back during his Super Bowl Halftime show that somebody failed to notice the pop star’s sound mix was positivity filthy.

Fans flocked to Twitter to vent in frustration that Timberlake’s vocals were muted, basically buried under the backup vocal and instrumental audio, and even sometimes seeming to drop out altogether.

Timberlake’s 14-minute performance included hits like “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and “Rock Your Body” and also paid homage to Prince (a move that many had some feelings about as well). While the singer’s performance otherwise seemed high spirited and fine, the muddy audio still managed to wreck the experience for some viewers.

Here are some the reactions to the audio problems online, which were far from universally experienced (East Coast viewers seemed more likely to notice the issues than those on the West Coast). The NFL had no immediate comment.