As she prepares for the end of her Disney Channel show, Zendaya wants more behind-the-scenes action

By Nick Romano
February 03, 2018 at 03:45 PM EST

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Zendaya has grown from Disney Channel star to promising singer to blockbuster phenomena, but it’s her experience with Shake It Up and K.C. Undercover that will stick with her. In EW’s exclusive behind-the-scenes look at “K.C. Undercover: The Final Chapter,” the hourlong series finale, the Greatest Showman actress recalls how she fulfilled the show’s main goal: “empowerment.”

“The No. 1 thing for this show all along was empowerment — especially female empowerment,” Zendaya says. “I wanted to make sure that there was a strong female character, and I think it’s cool that young women and young men can both look up and say, ‘Wow, I want to be like this girl.’ If you love something and you’re excited, there should be nothing holding you back from doing that.”

K.C. Undercover came to an end after three seasons with the finale episode airing Friday, Feb. 2 on Disney Channel when K.C. (Zendaya) and Marisa (Veronica Dunne) prepared for their high school graduation and what came next.

It’s the “end of an era,” as Zendaya put it in a post on social media. “Thank you for continuing to grow with me.” But what comes next for this burgeoning movie star could very well be another Disney Channel show.

With K.C. Undercover, she explains how important it was to become a producer and become “more involved in the story line, in the creation of the characters, who the characters are, what their dynamic is with each other, and then finding the right people for those roles.” Now, she wants to continue to develop those behind-the-camera chops.

“I definitely want to maybe produce another show with Disney Channel, maybe develop something or create more stories that I think are powerful roles — especially for women and women of color,” Zendaya explains. “So, I think it’s important that young people see themselves on the screen and are able to relate to that.”

Call her a quintuple threat — singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and producer.

Watch EW’s exclusive video above.

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