By Maria Pasquini
February 03, 2018 at 12:40 PM EST
Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

You never know what will happen on live TV when Andy Cohen’s around!

The Watch What Happens Live host, 49, revealed he had recently crashed a live television broadcast, which seriously annoyed WCBS reporter Janelle Burrell — until she recognized it was Cohen.

In a video clip of the hilarious incident, which Cohen shared on social media Friday, the television host walks out of a building and as soon as he realizes he’s in the background of the live broadcast he starts raising his fists and wooing to the camera while getting increasingly close to Burrell.

After he finally walks out of the shot, Burrell shoots him a very annoyed look and then almost immediately has a flash of recognition. Breaking out into a smile she says, “Oh, it’s Andy Cohen.”

Cohen captioned the clip, “I am such a SHAMELESS CAMERA W—- that I can barely stand myself! My apologies to WCBS reporter Janelle Burrell for ruining your standup. ??”

The inconvenienced reporter also addressed Cohen’s hilarious and unexpected “cameo” on social media.

Alongside the same clip Cohen posted she wrote, “That time @bravoandymakes a cameo as you’re taping a report ?? ??Oh, Hi, Andy!”

And this hasn’t been the first time Cohen’s made an unexpected appearance.

In 2016, the television host ended up crashing a wedding while he was heading to the pool, seemingly to the delight of the entire wedding party.

Sharing a photo with the wedding’s groomsmen, Cohen wrote, “Crashed a wedding in Santa Barbara on my way to the pool! 12 Groomsmen!”

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