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February 02, 2018 at 03:25 PM EST
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With Once Upon a Time exactly one month away from its return, EW has put executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis in The Hot Seat, where they have the option of answering your questions from Twitter with “Yes,” “No,” or “Can’t say.” Get the scoop below:

Will we see more of the original cast return in guest appearances in the back half?

Will Henry ever see Storybrooke again?
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will we get to meet Hook’s mother?
KITSIS: Probably not.

Will there be more scenes with Sabine/Tiana and Rogers/Hook?

Will we see more of what happened with Regina before this curse?

Are the arrows in Roni’s bar related to Robin Hood?
KITSIS: It’s kind of a shoutout to him.

Will we learn Roni’s last name?
KITSIS: Never.

Is Regina’s love interest someone we already know?
KITSIS: It is someone we have already met.

Are Rumple and Regina going to team up?
KITSIS: Oh, I hope so.

Will Rumple’s motives regarding the dagger change during the second half of the season?
KITSIS: His motives don’t change, but his actions may.

Have we actually already seen The Guardian?
KITSIS: Well, that is an interesting question, because — like the Dalai Lama — once one Guardian is done, another one appears. I guess the answer is yes.

Will we see Gideon return?
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Is this all a nightmare of Henry’s?
KITSIS: That is not happening. If someone thinks they’re going to wake up, and Henry’s going to say that was a nightmare, and we’re going to have the original cast back, that’s not realistic, and life doesn’t work that way.

Is there a chance to see an adult Wish Realm Henry?
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will we get to see more of Cinderella’s backstory before she met Henry?
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Any chance we will meet Killian and Emma’s child in future episodes?

Are we going to see more of Alice’s time in New Wonderland?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Will we see another version of the Mad Hatter this season?
KITSIS: Can’t say, actually.

Are we going to see these “other places” Alice has gone?

After Gothel’s betrayal, might Drizella team up with Regina?
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will Zelena have or be getting her magic back this season?
KITSIS: I hope so.
HOROWITZ: It would be awfully disappointing if she didn’t.

Will there be time travel this season?
HOROWITZ: Only in the sense that we all move forward in time.
KITSIS: Potentially, can’t say.

Will we see another version of Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid in season 7?
HOROWITZ: No plans to do other versions of them this year.

Are we going to see more of Dark OutlawQueen (Evil Queen, Robin Hood) in season 7?
KITSIS: The last we saw was Evil Queen was proposed to by Robin Hood, and they’re off living a happy ending.

Will we recognize anyone from the Coven of Eight?
HOROWITZ: Potentially.
KITSIS: Perhaps.

Will any familiar faces die by season’s end?

Are you planning something special for the 150th episode?
HOROWITZ: We hope it’s awesome.

Once Upon a Time returns Friday, March 2 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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