Counterpart Season 1 2018
Credit: Anne Marie Fox/Starz

Resolving conflict in one reality is hard enough, so it’s no surprise that in episode 3 of Counterpart, things are getting a little tense between the two realities.

In “The Lost Art of Diplomacy,” Sunday’s episode of the Starz sci-fi espionage drama, negotiations are underway, and each side is bringing in the big dogs to do the heavy lifting. For our side of the wall, that means introducing Roland Fancher (played by Richard Schiff, The West Wing, The Good Doctor) to get things done. Fancher is the Director of Diplomacy and an expert litigator with fearsome negotiating tactics. He’s also the head of the Office of Interchange’s diplomacy department, responsible for negotiating the exchange of prisoners between the two worlds.

In an exclusive clip (watch it above), Fancher schools Peter Quayle (Harry Lloyd), a director at Howard’s agency, on the importance of negotiating between the two dimensions. “Why is it you think we go through all this trouble, keeping the doors open, the effort it takes to keep this secret under control?” he asks Quayle. “Isn’t it easier to just, I don’t know, shut it all down, go our separate ways? The knowledge we gain is more valuable to our collective way of life than all the spy games your strategy boys will ever play.”

Elsewhere, Emily (Olivia Williams) obtains a special visa, and Howard (J.K. Simmons) interrogates a suspect.

EW has a first look at Richard Schiff ‘s debut below.

Credit: Nicole Wilder/Starz

Counterpart airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.

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