SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

Ghost Island is more than just the title and theme of the upcoming season of Survivor (which premieres Feb. 28 on CBS). It is also an actual place — a place players will be sent throughout the game that serves as the first full-fledged Survivor museum.

Eighty-two actual items from the past will adorn the island (and you can see the full list of those items here as well as a photo gallery of them in their new habitat), but while most of the items are just for show, some of them will actually come into play — and hopefully the players who use them this go round won’t suffer the same fate as those who held them the first time.

“Think of Ghost Island as the graveyard for every bad decision that’s been made in this game for 35 seasons,” says host Jeff Probst. “So that would mean somebody who had an idol in their pocket when they were voted out, or somebody who misplayed an advantage, or somebody who maybe told somebody of an advantage and then they blindsided him to get it — any of those multitude of bad decisions you could choose from, they’ve all been living on Ghost Island for years. And now they’re going to haunt this season’s players.”

Okay, so they haven’t actually been living there for years, but you get the point. So now the question becomes: Can the Ghost Island cast use these cursed items correctly, or will they join a list of embarrassed victims that only seems to grow longer. “You’re going to get a new group of people who grew up on the game,” says Probst. “So it won’t surprise me when people find and idol and go, ‘Oh my God! I was sitting at home. I remember the night when this happened. And I yelled at the TV. And now I’m holding that actual idol in my hand with a note that says: Is it hexed, or can you reverse the curse?'”

We’ll find out if they can on Feb. 28. In the meantime, check out the video above taken on location in Fiji to see how pumped Probst is for the new season.

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SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

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