Stargate Origins

With the final Stargate: Origins trailer come more answers surrounding this made-for-digital series.

The prequel chapter in the Stargate saga travels back to 1939, nearly 10 years after Professor Paul Langford (played here by Connor Trinneer) discovered the ancient Stargate relic in the Egyptian desert in Roland Emmerich’s original film. Origins focuses on his daughter, Catherine (Ellie Gall), as war looms over Europe.

While the Langfords are still grappling with the portal’s mysteries, they are approached by Nazi Occultist Dr. Wilhelm Brücke (Aylam Orian), whose sinister intentions threaten to shroud the world in darkness. Based on the trailer, things don’t bode well for the good ol’ professor. So Catherine must team up with two soldiers on a journey through the unknown to rescue her father.

Directed by Mercedes Bryce Morgan and written by Mark Ilvedson and Justin Michael Terry, Stargate: Origins was produced by MGM’s Digital Group exclusively for the online platform Stargate Command, pegged as the ultimate source for Stargate fans.

The cast is rounded out by Philip Alexander, Salome Azizi, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, Daniel Rashid, Sarah Navratil, Shvan Aladdin, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz, Derek Chariton, Justin Michael Terry, and Lincoln Werner Hoppe.

The 10-episode series will premiere on Stargate Command on Feb. 15, 2018.

Stargate Origins
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