The former 'Charmed' star said Weinstein gaslighted her
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Actress and “activist with her own army” Rose McGowan sat across from Stephen Colbert on Wednesday for a serious discussion about Harvey Weinstein, her book Brave, and new E! docuseries, Citizen Rose.

“Yes, I’ve had handcuffs on me, but no one else in this situation. Isn’t that grand?” remarked the former Charmed star on the Late Show stage Wednesday.

When the topic turned to the downfall of Weinstein, whom she claimed sexually assaulted her in a hot tub in 1997, McGowan said, “I was the architect.”

Several women — including Ashley Judd, Salma Hayek, Lupita Nyong’o, and Paz de la Huerta — came forward with claims of sexual harassment and sexual assault against the now-disgraced movie mogul, but McGowan noted, “Mine was a year ago.”

Weinstein recently denied McGowan’s account in a statement released Tuesday, which, according to McGowan, noted his pattern of “gaslighting” women. “It’s been going on to women and men in society, all of us, since the dawn of time,” she told Colbert.

Having returned recently from a trip to India, she noticed how colorful the country seemed, especially when compared to the atmosphere in the U.S.

“I think we can do better, societally,” she said. “I think we can be looser, 10 percent, have more fun, be better, see more colors, run, and what are we doing? It’s not working out so well here. Am I wrong? There’s a bus on fire with a mad man and a blindfold, and everyone’s still talking about it as if it’s nice. It’s not nice. It’s f—ing weird, right? Whoa. Shake it up because otherwise we’re all maybe gonna die sooner than we think.”

McGowan later thanked Colbert over social media and defended herself against any media coverage that paints the interview as “bizarre.”

“I just have a different personality than you,” she wrote. “I don’t follow protocol. And I will talk about WHAT I WANT. I requested a Dick Cavett freeform hangout.”

“I am bored of formats and questions,” she added. “I am done with traditional structure. If you’re not with the fake tradition of traditional promotional ‘appearances’ then by all means, stay in your square, but DO NOT APPLY TO ME.”

Watch the interview above.

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