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Credit: NBC

Behind so many great athletes is a parent driving them to practice, making sacrifice after sacrifice, and cheering them on no matter what, sharing in their joy and in their heartbreaks. Today’s “Best of U.S.” Super Bowl commercial for the 2018 Winter Olympics — debuting online right here — highlights just that. Oh, and fair warning, you may want to grab a tissue: Snowboarder Chloe Kim and her dad are about to really give your heartstrings a tug.

Kim, 17, began snowboarding at age 4 and wound up showing so much promise that, as you can see in the 60-second athlete film set to Ray Charles’ rendition of “America the Beautiful,” her father, Jong, eventually had to leave his job in order to support his daughter full time.

“The coolest part about shooting this commercial was doing it with my dad,” Kim told EW in a statement. “It’s honestly the best representation of myself and my story because my dad was right there with me.”

A favorite to win gold in the halfpipe in PyeongChang, Kim is the first female to land back-to-back 1080s and to score a perfect 100. Her first X Games medal came at the young age of 13 (silver) and she is now the only athlete in X Games history to earn three gold medals before the age of 16. Oh, and the only reason she didn’t compete in Sochi in 2014? Not because she didn’t qualify — she was simply too young.

And this time, her cheer squad will be even larger than it would have been there. She will compete in front of family that still lives in her parents’ native country of South Korea.

Kim was shown the commercial — which will air on Super Bowl Sunday — for the first time on the Today show this morning.

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“I like to watch the Super Bowl because it’s such a big event. I especially love watching the commercials,” she told EW. “I still get emotional thinking about the Budweiser commercial from a few years ago with the puppy and the horse.”

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