Something’s wrong in Castle Rock.

Hulu’s upcoming drama set in and titled after Stephen King’s fictional Maine town has dropped another spooky trailer (this time, a spot for this weekend’s Super Bowl) with Andre Holland’s Henry following a lead that’s drawn him back to his gloomy hometown. But even he doesn’t know exactly what that lead entails: When Alan Pangborn (Scott Glenn) — a.k.a. the hero of Needful Things — asks him what he’s chasing, all he says is that he’s received a call from Shawshank(!).

The spot does offer a few more clues to what’s going on in the series rooted in King’s expansive works (but not based on any specific one), at least. One shot features Bill Skarsgard’s still-unnamed but prison-garbed character picking up the phone presumably opposite Henry, while another shows a dog (Cujo?) frightening Sissy Spacek in her bed. (So, King fans, now’s your chance to hunt for all the references before the series debuts.)

Castle Rock will premiere on Hulu this summer.

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