Squarespace's new ad might make you nervous

Keanu Reeves earns his reputation for intense action scenes all over again in a new Super Bowl commercial for Squarespace, the website building and hosting company.

In “Make It Happen,” Reeves stands on a motorcycle roaring down a dusty road while reciting the lyrics to Will Powers’ 1983 song “Adventures in Success.” Just when you’re left wondering what happens next, he rides off into the sky, like this is Back to the Future or something.

If the mystery intrigues you, you can follow the link at the end of the ad to see what, indeed, “Keanu made.” As it turns out, Reeves partnered with Squarespace to create the website for his company, Arch Motorcycles.

In a companion video, you can watch Reeves explain the steps of building a Squarespace website in the desert and generally acting irresponsibly around an open flame. An inspirational Reeves quote on the site reads: “You are worthy of your dreams. Put them on the internet.”

Watch the commercial that will air during the show at the top, and catch Reeves’s website tutorial above.

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