With five quadruple jumps in his long program, figure skater Nathan Chen deserves to arrive in Pyeongchang, South Korea, for the 2018 Winter Olympics with a little James Brown-like swagger. And, yeah, he deserves his own Super Bowl commercial about it, too.

So NBC delivered. In the spot above — the second of five 60-second “Best of U.S.” athlete films, featuring five American athletes, which will all air on Super Bowl Sunday — Chen pays “the cost to be the boss,” working hard, falling and getting back up, and eventually earning the spotlight and the respect of a bunch of hockey players, all set to James Brown’s “The Boss.” “You see a bad mutha” ready to tell the rest of the world “told you so!” with every single one of those jaw-dropping four-revolution jumps (shown in slow-motion here for maximum impact).

Credit: NBC Sports

“I am so excited and honored that NBC chose me to have my own commercial,” Chen, 18, said in a statement to EW. “It’s super cool.”

Unfortunately, Chen likely won’t be able to watch the big game — he’ll be arriving in Seoul on Sunday just before kickoff — but he says he knows “the Patriots and the Eagles will put on a good show.”

Chen, who may be a first-time Olympian but he’s also a four-time U.S. national champion, was shown the ad for the first time on the Today show this morning.

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