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Survivor is doing something very interesting for its next season. Instead of bringing back former players, the show is bringing back former items. (Not reproductions either, but the actual original items.) That’s the concept for Survivor: Ghost Island, which will premiere Feb. 28 on CBS. Hidden immunity idols, fake idols, and advantages that were either misplayed or led to someone’s ouster over Survivor’s first 35 seasons will be brought back into play, and a brand new cast has a chance to reverse the curse by using them for a positive effect this time around.

And those aren’t the only blasts from the past that can be found at Ghost Island — an actual island where players will be sent throughout the game. We’ve got the exclusive full list of all 82 Ghost Island items. (And you can see exclusive photos of the items actually on Ghost Island in our photo gallery right here.)

While not all of these items will necessarily come into play, and many will serve more of a decorative historical purpose, they combine to make for what serves as essentially the first full-fledged Survivor museum. Here are some of the most notable items returning this season that could significantly alter the gameplay should they be used in season 36. And then read on to the second page for a full list of all 82 Ghost Island items.

James’ Unused Hidden Immunity Idol
Survivor: China


It’s bad enough getting voted out with a hidden immunity idol in your bag. It’s even worse getting voted out with two. That’s exactly what happened to James Clement in China after being blindsided by Amanda Kimmel and company. One of of those idols returns to Ghost Island.

Dan’s Extra Vote Advantage
Survivor: Worlds Apart

After winning an extra vote advantage at the Survivor food auction, Dan Foley began the Survivor trend of using an advantage to no positive gain whatsoever. For one thing, the extra vote he placed on Carolyn Rivera was unnecessary as it made five votes on Mama C (instead of just four) against only two for the only other vote-getter. To make matters even worse, Dan was that only other vote-getter, so when Carolyn used her hidden immunity idol, it was buh-bye Dan.

Ozzy’s Fake Idol (a.k.a. the “f—ing stick”)
Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites


The most infamous — and poorly produced — fake immunity idol in history. After being sent to Exile Island, Ozzy Lusth found a hidden immunity idol. But he wasn’t done. He also made a fake idol by simply drawing a smiley face on a stick. Clearly nobody would ever fall for that… only Jason Siska did. Jason handed it over to Eliza Orlins to save her, leading to her famous response that it was not an idol and only a “f—ing stick.” She tried playing it anyway, to no avail, and was voted out of the game.

Stephen Fishbach’s Steal a Vote Advantage
Survivor: Cambodia

An advantage is often not an advantage if people know you have it. That’s what happened to Stephen Fishbach when he narrowly beat Spencer Beldsoe to an advantage offered up at the final 11 immunity challenge. Spencer then became nervous about Stephen’s power and flipped sides. So not only did it make no difference when Stephen stole Joe’s vote to give himself two votes (because his alliance split theirs), but Fishbach ended up being ousted himself.

Andrea’s Unused Hidden Immunity Idol
Survivor: Caramoan

After winning a clue to a hidden immunity idol, Andrea Boehlke shared it with her alliance so they could help her look for it. After Erik Reichenbach found the idol, he gave it to Andrea. So everything worked out perfectly! Only, not really. That’s because — fueled by confidence over a recent immunity challenge win and now having an idol — Andrea made a play to oust alliance-member Brenda Lowe, causing her alliance to turn on her and blindside Andrea (with that idol in her pocket) instead. Whoops!

Malcolm’s Challenge Advantage
Survivor: Philippines


Just one day away from most likely winning Survivor, all Malcolm Freberg had to do was win the final immunity challenge in which the final four players had to hold wooden panels together with a ball on top. And he had a massive edge in the contest, having won the advantage in the reward challenge the day before. Malcolm’s advantage meant that he was given a “do over.” If his ball dropped, he was allowed to pick it back up and start again. It made no difference. Malcolm was the first to drop his ball, put it back on, and promptly dropped it again. He was then voted out of the game later that night.

Scot & Jason’s Unused Hidden Immunity Idol
Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Scot Pollard, Kyle Jason, and Tai Trang had two hidden idols between them, which — when combined — could form a super idol that could be used after the reading of the votes. Kyle gave Scot his idol and the plan was to form the super idol to save whomever was voted out. But Tai — who had the other idol — had switched sides, voting for Scot and then refusing to form the super idol to save him. That sent Scot (and Jason’s idol, which was in Scot’s pocket) out of the game.

Tai’s Unused Hidden Immunity Idol
Survivor: Kaoh Rong

A funny thing about the Kaoh Rong season: zero idols were played. Three were found, but none were actually played. Neal Gottlieb brought his with him when he was medically evacuated, Scot took Jason’s with him when he was blindsided, and Tai never had to play his after Joe Del Campo was medically evacuated at the final five. On one hand, this item may not necessarily be “cursed” seeing as how Tai made it to the final three, but Scot — who, as explained above, went home when Tai did not combine it with the other one to make the super idol — would most likely beg to differ.

David’s Fake Idol
Survivor: Millennials v. Gen X


With apologies to Bob Crowley, the award for best looking and most convincing fake idol ever made may have to go to David Wright. So it’s hard to blame Jay Starrett for getting a bit cocky after “finding” what he believed to be a real idol. He used it with all the confidence in the world at Tribal Council, and in the end could only laugh at his own misfortune as he made his way to the jury.

JT’s Unused Hidden Immunity Idol
Survivor: Game Changers

Let’s be honest: JT Thomas has a few items that could be considered cursed during his Survivor tenure. But it is his unused hidden immunity idol from Game Changers that makes its way back to Ghost Island. And why was it unused? Because JT didn’t even bring it to Tribal Council! That’s how sure he was that Michaela Bradshaw was going home. Instead, it was JT who earned a one-way ticket to Ponderosa.

Sarah’s Vote Steal Advantage
Survivor: Game Changers


“Non-transferable.” Those were the key words on Sarah Lacina’s vote steal advantage. Sarah let Cirie Fields hold on to it, which usually automatically transfers the power to the new holder. But when Cirie attempted to then play it at Tribal Council to — and this is confusing — steal Sarah’s vote to save Sarah by voting out Tai who was gunning for her, Sarah (and Troyzan Robertson apparently) pointed out the “non-transferable” on the parchment. Cirie then had to give it back to Sarah, who then used it to steal Tai’s vote and take out Cirie’s ally Michaela. Making matters even tougher for Michaela was the fact that she was the one literally sitting right on top of the advantage when on the sit-out bench during a challenge. Sarah saw it after competing, swam over to get it, and then voted Michaela out with it.

Sierra’s Legacy Advantage
Survivor: Game Changers

Sierra Dawn-Thomas couldn’t believe her luck when she found a Legacy Advantage that would give her immunity at the final six. But luck only can get you so far. Sarah not only voted Sierra out, but then Sierra willed her the advantage! It was then used (along with five other immunities) to take out Cirie at the final six. Double whammy!

Jon’s Unused Hidden Immunity Idol
Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Jon Misch volunteered to go to Exile Island and was rewarded for it by finding a hidden immunity idol. But Jon’s overconfidence got the best of him as he was blind to Natalie Anderson’s desire to exact revenge on him for ousting her alliance-mate Jeremy Collins earlier in the game. Jon declined to use his idol at the final six, and after a three-way tie in votes, was sent to the jury on the revote.

Lauren’s Hidden Immunity Idol
Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers


Lauren Rimmer thought she could build trust with Mike Zahalsky by giving up half of her hidden immunity idol. (It came in two parts and you needed both parts to make it work.) But then Dr. Mike threw that half in the fire at Tribal Council. When Ben Driebergen used his immunity idol to deflect all the votes sent his way, Lauren was vulnerable and voted out with only Ben’s vote against her.

Lauren’s Unused Save a Vote
Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

With this advantage found on day 18, Lauren was able to get an extra vote at a future Tribal Council if she abstained from voting at the next one. All seemed to be going Lauren’s way when — amazingly — nobody did the math and noticed that there was a missing vote. But she later went to the jury with the extra vote in her pocket after being voted out in the wake of Dr. Mike throwing her idol shell in the fire.

Those are some of the biggest items that will be out there on Ghost Island, but they are far from everything. Read on as we present on the next page the exclusive list of every single item (and the season it came from) that will be on the island, including the most infamous individual immunity necklace of all time. (Ask Eric Reichenbach about it.)

NEXT PAGE: All 82 Ghost Island items

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