Today is Ellen DeGeneres' 60th birthday, and among the many gifts she's received is a video of actor Dax Shepard, clad in a white tuxedo and crooning with a piano accompaniment to remind her that "60 has never looked so sexy."

As the Parenthood star details each thing he loves about the funnylady, dreamlike images from The Ellen DeGeneres Show float by. Her dance moves, affinity for scaring people, and the perm she rocked decades ago just a few of the attributes that stand out. Her money doesn't hurt either.

"You make 60 so sexy/ You're so damn fine, you've got a nice behind, you're all that I need (and you've got a lot of money)," one verse proclaims.

Later, DeGeneres had Shepard's wife, The Good Place‘s Kristin Bell, on the show. Similar to the sentiments of her husband's sultry number, Bell presented the host with a t-shirt that reads, "It took 60 years to looks this good," and explained that she believed the message was referring to DeGeneres' heart.

Watch Shepard steal DeGeneres' heart in the clip above.

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