The Amazon drama returns March 9

Nothing gold can stay, and not even the most well-executed con can go on forever. Season 1 of the Bryan Cranston-produced Amazon drama Sneaky Pete saw Marius Josipovic (Giovanni Ribisi) adopt the identity of his old cellmate Pete Murphy (Ethan Embry) after leaving jail, in order to avoid the people who want him dead for his own past actions. Marius was even able to convince Pete’s estranged family that he was their son returned. But in the brand-new trailer for season 2, the con is falling apart.

Having used the Pete disguise to escape his past, Marius now finds himself answering for Pete’s past when thugs threaten to kill the Bernhardts if he doesn’t take them to Pete’s mother, who apparently stole millions from her employer. On top of that, the real Pete is on the verge of getting out of jail himself. Things won’t be getting simple for Marius anytime soon.

Sneaky Pete season 2 hits Amazon Prime on March 9. Watch the trailer above.

Sneaky Pete
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