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Not everyone is cut out to be on Drunk History. Thankfully, Tiffany Haddish is. The breakout star of Girls Trip, who seemed to be having a ball announcing the Oscar nominations with Andy Serkis, narrated her own episode of Comedy Central’s Drunk History on Tuesday night — and it was everything we wanted and more.

Haddish told the story of Rose Valland, played by Busy Philipps in the comedic dramatization. Valland was an assistant curator at the Jeu de Paume Museum in France who helped recover thousands of pieces of art stolen by the Nazis during World War II. (She served as inspiration for Cate Blanchett’s character in The Monuments Men.)

Some choice lines from Haddish that must be made into gifs immediately include:

“You know what I know? Art!”

“Y’all go out there and y’all get all the artwork. Now, if it’s German art, it’s good. But if it ain’t German art, burn that sh– up.”

“Taking notes, taking notes, taking notes!”

“I’ma memorize this. I’m memorinizin’ all of it.”

Also Philipps does the “Nae Nae,” and Hitler hangs out with Tupac. Just go with it.

Watch Haddish on Drunk History above.

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