Are you more of a Chidi or a Janet?

NBC's The Good Place isn't just one of the strongest comedies on TV—it's also the zeitgeist's hottest new arena for discussing your deep-seated moral alignment. (Five minutes ago: Twitter, out: MySpace surveys!)

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In addition to the show's genuine comedic merits, few other TV programs wield the power to make you regularly question whether you've done enough good things over the course of your life — or even just that day — to gain entry into the heavenly Good Place. Dig even deeper, and you'll find yourself reconciling not only whether you might actually belong in a Medium or Bad Place, but if you even have the capacity to isolate your most problematic ethical inclinations before it's too late.

Michael Schur's The Good Place offers a handful of core characters through which we can analyze this decency of soul. They span the spectrum of human integrity, from the lawfully good, like Chidi, to the chaotically evil, like Michael (pre-reformation, at least). Every character's moral trajectory on the show could help inform your own line of introspection as you watch—but the question is, whom should you be monitoring as a mirror of your own righteous growth?

Lucky for you, EW has constructed this highly-scientific quiz, meticulously designed by me (a Jason with Eleanor rising), to help you figure out which Good Place character carries your same moral compass. <div class="apester-media" data-media-id="5a667583367bc20001729eb4" height="827"></div><script async src="//"></script>

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