'Ay, caramba!'
Saturday Night Live - Season 42

On this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, a Google Talks session went in an unexpected direction when one attendee revealed the reason why he experiences bullying: He looks exactly like Bart Simpson.

The man, played by Mikey Day, sported the bright red t-shirt and spiked bleach-blonde hair characteristic of The Simpsons‘ mischievous middle child. As the talk’s moderator (host Jessica Chastain) asked those in the room to explain the cause of their bullying, responses ranged from sexual orientation to religion to, well, “looking like Bart Simpson.”

The Bart-lookalike didn’t stop there. When someone sitting near him said she’s often told to “go back to your own country,” he said he’s typically told to “go back to Springfield.” And the mockery could get even more specific, from people laughing “Ha-HA” like The Simpsons‘ resident bully, Nelson, or yelping out Bart’s catchphrases, like “Ay, caramba!” or “Don’t have a cow!”

Chastain’s moderator tried to be sympathetic even as those around the man couldn’t help but laugh. When she accidentally called him “Bart,” she gave him the chance to reveal his real name. Unfortunately, doing so didn’t help subside the bullying: “My name is Bert Sampson,” he said.

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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