By Stephanie Petit
January 21, 2018 at 10:53 AM EST
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Saturday Night Live welcomed some royal guests over the weekend, but the visit turned into a mini family feud.

Alex Moffat and Mikey Day broke out their brotherly act again — they’ve previously portrayed Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. — to visit “Weekend Update” as Prince William and Prince Harry. Though host Michael Che announced they were appearing to comment on President Donald Trump’s recently canceled trip to England, the duo quickly started poking fun at each other.

“Michael, we’d like to apologize. Unfortunately, William’s hair was unable to make it this evening,” Day’s Harry quipped, referring to the older royal’s headline-making haircut.

“Oh bravo, hilarious, yes, a bald joke,” Moffat as William shot back. “Buzzed the sides this week, rocking the Bruce Willis look. Broke the internet.”

“No, Bruce Willis shaves it all, man. You look like British Larry David,” Harry said. “It’s not good. Shave it!”


William tried to turn the tables on his brother, comparing his ginger hair to famous redhead Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. But eventually it seemed like the siblings had made up, chanting “Windsor Boys” and showing off a “secret” handshake.

It wasn’t long before they were taking jabs at each other again, this time with faux Prince William mocking Meghan Markle.

“We love American telly. My brother’s fiancée, Miss Meghan Markle, is on the American program Suits,” he explained. “The only difference between that show and this is people watch this one.”

William dealt another blow while complimenting his wife, Kate Middleton.

“Beautiful woman, great mom,” he said. “Whenever the kids are being fussy and not going to bed, she puts on an episode of Suits and they’re out!”

The royals did eventually get to read their anti-climatic statement on President Trump’s canceled trip.

“Buckingham Palace does not comment on political matters,” SNL‘s William read. “Thank you and goodbye.”

But fake Harry had to chime in, ” ‘Thank you and goodbye,’ said William’s hair.”

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