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Ten years ago today, we were introduced to a terminally ill high school chemistry teacher who, against most odds, transformed into a frightening lethal drug lord. That man was Walter White, played expertly by Bryan Cranston, and he would lead us on a harrowing journey over the five seasons of AMC’s Breaking Bad. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the celebrated meth drama, PeopleTV looked back across the show’s dynamic run of 62 episodes and scientifically extracted the “Top 10 Baddest Breaking Bad Moments.”

In this clip (above) from the special, Cranston reflects on the series finale, specifically the blaze-of-glory mission to take out the neo-Nazis with the help of a specially rigged M60. “I think it was pretty fitting and actually, in an odd way, very noble that he was going to end it, because I think he recognized that he too became a cancer to everyone around him, a detriment to everyone’s life,” explains Cranston. “No one wanted him, no one wanted to talk to him. He became an island onto himself.”

See what else Cranston had to say about “Felina” in the video, and watch the full PeopleTV special here.

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