Credit: H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty. Inset: John Lamparski/WireImage

We know, we know: you hate spin-offs. But Stephen King may have come up with one you could definitely embrace.

On Friday night, King called on uber-producer Dick Wolf via Twitter to further evolve his Law & Order franchise by having it focus on the capture of bloodsuckers. In other words, imagine a Jesse Martin or a Mariska Hargitay hunting for the Lestats of the world. Bloody good idea?

In a subsequent tweet, King clarified that it would involve cops hunting vampires. That of course, tickled the funny bone of some of his followers.

The intersection of vampires and law enforcement isn’t exactly a new idea. Though there are plenty of overseas (see: Canadian and South Korean) formats about vampire detectives and prosecutors, producers here in the U.S. have played with the idea of bloodsuckers on the good side of the law. Remember the short-lived Moonlight from 2007 that first introduced fans to Alex O’Loughlin?

Still, King may be on to something. Mr. Wolf, the ball is in your court. Chung Chung!