Get Out
Credit: Justin Lubin/Universal

Get Out… is what Jordan Peele is doing with his acting career.

The writer, director, and actor is apparently shedding the latter title if he holds true to his comments on CBS Sunday Morning, where he told Tracy Smith that he’s done acting.

“That’s the idea. Daniel Day-Lewis and I are both out,” Peele says with a laugh, referencing the three-time Oscar winner’s declaration that Phantom Thread is his final film. “Acting is just nowhere near as fun for me as directing.”

Before he wrote and directed last year’s hit film Get Out, which is expected to receive multiple Oscar nominations next week, Peele was best known for his work in front of the camera. Along with Keegan-Michael Key, he created and starred on the popular Comedy Central sketch series Key & Peele. The duo also appeared together on the first season of Fargo and in the big screen comedy Keanu.

No word on what this means for animated projects, considering Peele voices various characters, including the ghost of Duke Ellington, on Netflix’s Big Mouth.

Peele’s full interview airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.