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It didn’t take very long for Breaking Bad, the Vince Gilligan-created series that ran for five seasons, to earn a spot on the list of TV’s greatest shows ever. Premiering Jan. 20, 2008, on AMC, audiences were immediately hooked thanks in large part to the dramatic turn of star Bryan Cranston — who had just come off playing the goofy dad on Fox’s comedy Malcolm in the Middle — as a regular Joe chemistry teacher who receives a terminal cancer diagnosis and turns to meth-making as a way of earning extra money to ensure his family’s financial security for after he dies.

“It’s unquestionably one of the most influential shows ever made,” EW TV critic Darren Franich says of the series.

In celebration of its debut a decade ago, PeopleTV is taking a look back at the show’s 62 episodes with the Top 10 Baddest Breaking Bad Moments. “There are approximately 234 really great moments on Breaking Bad,” EW writer Samantha Highfill laughs, “so to narrow it down is next to impossible.”

But we did it with the help of Cranston and Gilligan dissecting the best of the “baddest,” counting down the memorable, quotable (you know the ones we’re talking about!) scenes.

“The iconic phrasing that came out of Breaking Bad are always a surprise to me,” Cranston, who won four Emmys for his performance in the series, says in the special. “You can extract many different lines from it — the more succinct, the better.”

Four deaths make the list, along with one particular character’s introduction — even a happy moment! — and more.

Check out a preview of PeopleTV’s Top 10 Baddest Breaking Bad Moments, above, and watch the full episode here.

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