By Derek Lawrence
January 19, 2018 at 10:00 PM EST

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“I’m the one who… had a really tough time filming Jane’s death scene.”

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Breaking Bad premiere, PeopleTV is looking back on the legendary series with the Top 10 Baddest Breaking Bad Moments. You’ll have to watch to learn the full list, but in the clip above, Bryan Cranston reveals why the sudden and tragic season 2 death of Jane (Krysten Ritter) was especially tough to film.

“Walt watches Jane die was probably the most difficult scene for me to shoot, emotionally,” he shared of Walt standing by as Jesse’s (Aaron Paul) girlfriend choked on her own vomit. “Because, temporarily, I saw the image of my own daughter in her face rise to the surface, take the place of Krysten Ritter, and then just as quickly disappear. But it was just instantaneous, that millisecond was all that it took for me to catch myself. Because again, I thought one of the reasons to save this person was because she’s a young woman, she could be my daughter.”

Check out a preview of PeopleTV’s Top 10 Baddest Breaking Bad Moments, above, and watch the full episode here.

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